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This is the place to read and share your own trade industry related articles. If you are looking to add your own article, you can write about anything that relates to trade industry; be it about plumbing, electrical services, building, drainage, DIY, decorating, whatever - any trade industry related topic is perfect for this article archive.

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Being in the Shoes of an Electrician for a Day
submitted on 21 September 2022 by

Electricians work in a dynamic and rewarding field with plenty of room for growth. Various electricians may have different daily to-do lists since, as with any job, there are a wide range of possible specializations. Let's take a peek at what a day in the life of a handful of these specialists more

Why Your Electrical Outlet Has No Power
submitted on 13 September 2022 by

It's time for bed, and you're holding a phone that's drained its battery. Your expectation is that if you charge through the night and leave it at the power socket next to your bed, it will be completely charged when you wake up. However, when you wake up, your phone still isn't charged. If the more

Planning Your Retail Comeback: 3 Strategies to Reopen Your Retail Store During the Pandemic
submitted on 17 September 2021 by
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses across the globe. As fear, paranoia, and grief became the most defining emotions of 2020, consumers retreated into their homes. Government guidelines and stay-at-home orders further prevented them from venturing into the outside world. So, it more

Why Invest in Performance Parts for Your Car?
submitted on 15 December 2020 by

Performance parts are undeniably popular among the car modification and motorsports communities. However, some motorists, particularly those inexperienced in car tuning and maintenance have reservations about buying performance parts as opposed to those produced by the original manufacturer. more

Why Should You Invest in a Composite Front Door?
submitted on 27 October 2020 by
Why should you invest in a composite front door? Body: If your current front door is showing signs of wear and tear, simply replacing it could give your home a new lease of life. However, it's important to choose a replacement door that not only looks the part, but stands the test of time.  Some more
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