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Why Your Electrical Outlet Has No Power

submitted on 13 September 2022 by
It's time for bed, and you're holding a phone that's drained its battery. Your expectation is that if you charge through the night and leave it at the power socket next to your bed, it will be completely charged when you wake up. However, when you wake up, your phone still isn't charged. If the problem isn't with your phone, it's probably an electrical outlet, in which case you'll need to call a professional electrician to see what's going on. Power outages at outlets may be a major hassle, but they also happen often and can stem from a number of different sources.

Electrical Plugs that have been Burned
Wire insulation may be melted if a plug is inserted into an outlet and the outlet sparks. If your outlet has been blackened around the plugs due to a sudden flare, you should not continue to use it.

Connectors Swapped
In the absence of an overhead light fixture, some builders may set up a switch that controls half of the outlets in the room, allowing residents to illuminate their space with a flick of the wrist rather than having to get out of their chairs to turn on lights.

Blown Fuse
When outlets cease functioning, it's usually because a circuit breaker has tripped. If that is the case, try turning on any breakers that may have been turned off in the panel. The breaker's on/off switch may be broken, or you may be using too many appliances at once.

Trouble with the Power Outlets
Do not force a plug into an outlet that gives any indication of being blocked or soft. The outlet may be covered by shutters; if these shutters are damaged, they may become immobile when the prongs are inserted. There might also be a kid protection feature or a faulty part preventing the plug from going in. Contact an electrician if you are having trouble with your electricity and think there may be a clog in your system.

Wiring is Backstabbed
Backstabbing occurs when wires are shoved into connections that grip the wires inside of devices rather than being put into the receptacles from the front. Backstabbed wires create a frayed connection that overheats and eventually kills the circuit.

As you can see, any number of problems can cause an outlet to stop working. Unless you're a qualified electrician yourself, always call out a professional to see what's going on.
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