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Tiny Homes, Big Solutions: Plumbing for Mobile Living

submitted on 15 November 2023 by

Water Closet Wonders

There I was, in the cozy confines of my tiny home, contemplating the inevitable: nature's relentless call. I was faced with the Herculean task of figuring out a plumbing solution befitting my diminutive abode, something that would prove efficient, practical, and without robbing my humble dwelling of its precious square footage. The prospect of braving a non-flushing toilet was, frankly, too uncivilized for my tastes. And so, dear friends, I embarked on a journey to unravel the enigma of tiny home plumbing and share with you my hard-earned wisdom.

Composting: The Noble Art of Recycling What Was Once Consumed

By far, the most popular plumbing solution found in the tiny home kingdom is the composting toilet. No longer the sole domain of bearded, sandal-wearing hippies, composting toilets have grown in sophistication and are now an eco-friendly and practical alternative to traditional plumbing. These wonder thrones work by separating solid and liquid waste, allowing for a virtually smell-free experience. The solid waste is mixed with an organic material, such as coconut coir or sawdust, which speeds up the composting process and eliminates the need for a revolting chemical cocktail. The end result? A rich, organic fertilizer for your garden. How quaint!

Tank vs. Tankless: The Battle of the Hot Water Heaters

Of course, the plumbing odyssey doesn't end with waste disposal. The human body, as we all know, requires a regular deluge of hot water to remain clean, presentable, and moderately tolerable to the general populace. Which brings us to the next plumbing consideration: hot water heaters. In one corner, we have the classic tank water heater -- reliable, time-tested, and bulky as a walrus. In the other, the nimble and space-saving tankless water heater, ready to heat your agua on demand. The choice was clear: my tiny dwelling would be blessed with the gift of tankless technology, saving me valuable room and ensuring I would never run out of hot water during my lengthy meditative showers.

Water, Water Everywhere: Catching and Filtering the Elixir of Life

With waste disposal and hot water figured out, I turned my attention to the source of this most vital of fluids: water. Rainwater harvesting, a practice as old as time itself, is an excellent way to supplement your tiny home's water supply. By installing a simple system of gutters, tanks, and filters, you can turn the heavens' tears into a refreshing potable source. But be wary, my friends, as regulations on rainwater collection can vary greatly depending on your particular corner of the globe. Consult your local laws, lest you be branded a rainwater renegade and hounded by the powers that be.

Waste Not, Want Not: Greywater System Mischief

Further venturing into the world of environmentally conscious plumbing, I stumbled upon the concept of greywater systems. Greywater, a delightful term for the water resulting from activities such as bathing, dishwashing, and laundry, can be repurposed for uses such as irrigation or even toilet flushing. The idea of recycling my soapy bathwater to feed my thirsty plants was too enticing to resist, and thus my tiny home was outfitted with a greywater system, allowing me to feel a smug sense of superiority over my wasteful neighbors.

A Pipe Dream Realized: Connecting to the Grid

Of course, not all tiny homes are created equal, and some lucky souls find themselves with the option to connect directly to traditional sewer and water systems. As tempting as it may be to forsake the pioneering spirit of mobile living and join the ranks of the grid-connected, I implore you to think twice. Embrace the freedom and self-sufficiency that comes with composting toilets and rainwater harvesting, and leave the world of sewer lines and water bills to the masses.

Plumbing Victory: A Tiny Home Conquers All

And so, my friends, thus concludes my journey into the wild and wonderful world of tiny home plumbing. By embracing the marvels of composting toilets, tankless water heaters, rainwater harvesting, and greywater systems, my humble dwelling has become an eco-friendly haven, a shining beacon of self-sustainability in a world of excess and waste. I hope that my adventures have provided you with some valuable insights and practical advice on this complex, yet vital aspect of mobile living. May your tiny homes flourish, and may your plumbing systems be triumphant!
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