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Why Should You Invest in a Composite Front Door?

submitted on 27 October 2020 by
Why should you invest in a composite front door? Body: If your current front door is showing signs of wear and tear, simply replacing it could give your home a new lease of life. However, it's important to choose a replacement door that not only looks the part, but stands the test of time. 

Some modern low-cost doors look great when installed, but quickly start to lose their showroom looks with regular use. If you're looking for a replacement front door that marries style with durability, you should seriously consider investing in a composite door. Here are just a few of the key benefits composite doors can offer:

Eye-catching Styles and Designs
Today's composite doors are available in a wide selection of colours, designs and styles. Some leading glazing companies will even allow you to design your own door from the ground up. 

And, whether you opt for something traditional or contemporary, you can rest assured that your new front door will be highly durable and secure. 

Lower Maintenance, Longer Lifespan
One of the key advantages composite doors offer over other types is the fact that they don't need to be repainted. And, although composite doors can emulate the look of timber, unlike their wooden counterparts, they don't suffer with issues such as warping or cracking. Nor do they need to be sanded down to maintain their looks.

In short, you can expect your new composite door to stay looking great for years to come!

Enhanced Security
Composite doors offer homeowners a high level of security. Many composite doors feature complex, powerful locking mechanisms and the doors themselves are much more durable than their timber equivalents. Today's hard-wearing composite doors are designed to deter intruders and prevent them from gaining access to your property.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Did you know that a new composite door could help you save on your energy bills? Many models incorporate triple-glazing, helping them to prevent heat loss. Their sturdy construction also makes them highly resistant to the elements. 

This means your composite door should help keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer months, which translates to less reaching for the thermostat and lower energy bills. 

What else should I consider?
One thing we should mention is that composite doors typically cost a little more than wooden or uPVC doors. So, it may be worth considering either of these alternatives if you're working with a smaller budget. Wooden and uPVC doors are also available in many smart, durable designs. 

However, as a longer-term investment, we believe composite doors win out. Whatever you decide on we hope you'll be very happy with your new front door! 
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