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Use These Safety Measures to Prevent a Burglary

submitted on 17 November 2022 by
The importance of home security cannot be overstated. Your house is where you and your loved ones rest and relax, therefore it's crucial that you take measures to keep it safe. Lock all the windows and use deadbolts on the major doors, but also consider other technology options like motion-activated cameras and elaborate alarm systems.

In addition to these precautions, there are many more measures that can be taken, such as the incorporation of outdoor lighting ideas, to make your house and garden safer. Taking steps to make your house more secure is a must for everybody who owns a property. If you want to make your house less tempting to burglars, you need to know how to prevent burglary and put some of these preventive measures in place.

1. Go for the crunchy gravel driveway
Walking up a gravel road or drive is hardly a quiet affair, as anybody who has done so may attest. You'll definitely hear anybody walking through your yard or up to your house thanks to the gravel's clacking and crunching noise. Gravel is a pretty option for garden paths since it may help you get that carefree cottage garden impression. If you choose for gravel, make sure to frame it with a sturdy border or borders to keep it in place and looking tidy.

A crunchy gravel road is one example of an audible warning; other examples include a loud metal lock on a gate or the failure to mend a squeaking hinge. Instead, you might take it one step further and adopt some of the many attractive and secure gravel garden ideas that are available.

2. Use a motion detector for your front porch light
Security lights in the garden is a simple but very effective approach to increase the safety of your property. Whether or not one will be seen committing a crime seems to be a major consideration. The presence of surveillance equipment and motion-sensor lights makes your house a less appealing target. In recent years, as the cost of power has skyrocketed and concerns about the environment have grown, the use of solar security lighting has become more common. With no upfront expenditures and no ongoing expenses, solar-powered security lights are a wise investment.

Keeping the lights on a timer is a more cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to brighten your house and lessen the danger of a possible home invasion than leaving them on all day and night.

3. Define your property boundaries with thorny bushes
The plants you choose might also have a significant impact on the safety of your house. When planted next to fences or beneath window sills, plants with spines or thorns serve as an excellent deterrent and are also among the most visually beautiful home security enhancements.

4. Lock the windows!
One of the easiest ways to compromise the security of your house is via the windows, therefore it goes without saying that you should always latch and lock them when you leave. You may, however, take other measures to reinforce the safety of your windows.

By choosing shutters instead of curtains, you are adding a deterrent and an additional line of defense against potential invaders. Sash windows, which are more difficult to open from the outside, are an option to consider if you are replacing your windows. Sash blocks may also be installed to make it so the window can't be opened far enough to allow entry.

Outdoor trash cans are often kept in a shed or shed-like structure attached to the home. But make sure they can't be shifted around so easily that they block a window and give an invader a leg up.

5. Boost the visibility out your windows
How much of your yard can you see when the drapes are open? Can you see the whole thing, or are there parts that are blocked by vegetation or trees? Is it a clear area, or does an intruder have plenty of places to hide?

Go outside and look at your landscape from the perspective of a burglar, then get rid of anything that may be used as cover to sneak up on your home. Lights and mirrors are not only a beautiful aesthetic touch, but also a useful tool for shedding light on any obscure areas of your plot. Put the same thought into your front garden by selecting a low fence at the front of your home, allowing you to keep an eye on the goings-on in your neighborhood.

If you want to keep an eye on the exterior of your house even when you're not there, it's a good idea to get yourself one of the top wireless doorbells on the market.

6. Make sure your shed is locked up!
It may seem like common sense to secure your shed with a lock, but a simple sliding bolt won't cut it. Choose a lock that cannot be broken with bolt cutters to ensure the safety of your shed plans. Garden tools and equipment stored in sheds and outbuildings may fetch a hefty price tag, so it's important to make sure your shed is secure.

7. Anti-climbing paint
Walls, drainpipes, and other structures that may be easily climbed should be painted with an anti-climb paint if their tops cause you any special worry.

Using anti-climb paint on your property is not illegal in all places, but you should check local ordinances just to be safe. Signs indicating the presence of the paint should be prominently displayed in the area. To avoid mistakenly painting pedestrians, anti-climbing paint should be sprayed at least two meters higher than the height of the path.

Putting up a notice may be sufficient to prevent a would-be burglar, even if you don't wish to employ anti-climb paint.

8. Make your home safer by erecting a fence to keep off intruders
A garden fence is an excellent barrier between your property and the neighborhood. For a rear garden and backyard, aim for towering fences that are tough to climb. If it's too difficult for an invader to enter your property, they'll go on to an easier one. Put plastic spikes on top of the fence for further security. While it can be tempting to use nails or glass, doing so might lead to the thief being injured and perhaps suing you.

However, for your front garden ideas choose for low-level fence that allow you and your neighbors strong sight-lines so that an intruder can't sneak into your home.

Additional Ideas
Burglars will avoid a home if it is brightly illuminated and can be seen from the street or the property. When you use floodlights in conjunction with sturdy fence, you may make your home less of an easy target for criminals. In addition to anti-climb paint, cameras and video doorbells may serve as an effective deterrent.
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