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Prolux Carpet Cleaning


This month you have the fantastic option to attempt Prolux Carpet unique rug washing procedures this spring with 10% discount . Hesitate no more and give us a call! Prolux Carpet is the most skillful carpeted flooring washing firm in London and has a long and successful past in this area. We are happy to tell you we apply exclusively green preparations for each one cleaning process and the most high quality equipment . Besides that, our cleaning experts visit trainings once a year to better their skills and gather some new information of the most original procedures for washing. We are grateful to each and every of our clients and that is the primary reason why we work non stop, including when everyone else is having a break. Besides that, we work according to your chart for this reason you can schedule a carpet cleaning procedure whenever you decide. You have the opportunity to choose between two methods of carpet maintaining – proficient rug washing and dry rugcleaning. In order to please the client we accept all kinds of payment methods – cash payments, checks, bank transfers, phone and mobile payments, etc..

Carpet Cleaning a call!