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How to Hide Pipes in the Bathroom

submitted on 2 August 2023 by
Are you looking for ways to make your bathroom look more tidy and streamlined? Having exposed pipes in your bathroom can be an eye sore and detract from the beauty of the room. If you want to make your bathroom look more polished and clean, hiding those unsightly pipes is a great way to do that. But how exactly do you go about hiding them?  In this blog post, we'll provide several easy solutions for concealing plumbing fixtures with wet room accessories, such as pipe boxing, so that your bathroom looks as good as possible. Install pipe boxing to hide and protect the exposed plumbing If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then pipe boxing is the way to go. A toilet waste pipe cover box will hide and protect exposed plumbing in your bathroom, creating a tidy and clean look. Boxing in pipes can be custom done to fit different shapes and sizes, making it an ideal solution if your pipes are oddly shaped or positioned.  Not only does boxing in pipes give your bathroom a more polished look, but it also has the added advantage of protecting pipes from damage caused by water or chemicals.

How to box in pipes

Boxing in pipes is not a difficult task and can be done with relative ease. Firstly, measure the area where you will be boxing in the pipes and purchase a pipe boxing system that fits properly. Make sure to buy one that is made of high-quality material to ensure its durability. Once you have the right materials, you can begin installing the pipe boxing. Cut out a section of drywall to fit around the pipes and use construction adhesive to secure it in place. You can then attach the pipe cover box with screws or nails to ensure that it is securely fitted. Once your pipe cover box is in place, simply finish off with some plaster and paint for a neat and tidy finish.

Consider using paint to conceal the pipes

Painting pipes can be a great solution to hide them in any room, making it look more organised and attractive. Whether you want to match the paint to the rest of the room or make a statement with a coloured pipe, painting is an effective way to go about it. Using the right type of paint is crucial for success - make sure you use oil-based paints that are resistant to humidity and harsh cleaners in order to achieve good results. 

Invest in furniture that can help mask the pipes

Pedestal sink

Investing in furniture like a pedestal sink can offer many benefits when it comes to masking pipes. It not only provides a stylish look to your bathroom, but also serves a practical purpose of hiding any visually distracting pipes while creating more space in the area.

Vanity units

Vanity units can also be a great way to hide pipes in your bathroom. Not only do they provide an attractive focal point, but they also offer plenty of storage space for all of your bathroom essentials such as towels and toiletries. By replacing an old sink with a vanity unit, you will be able to conceal any unsightly plumbing fixtures while creating a more organised, spacious and attractive bathroom.

Utilise decorative elements like shelves or baskets to distract from the exposed pipes

By utilising efficient and tasteful decorative elements such as shelves or baskets, you can easily distract from exposed pipes. Shelves and baskets provide an easy solution to keep your areas looking aesthetically pleasing while also utilising practical interior design solutions. They also come in endless varieties and are available to fit any budget.

Build a fake wall

Building a fake wall is an effective way to conceal exposed plumbing. You can use materials such as drywall, wood panelling, or even tile to create this effect. This is a great way to hide plumbing while also creating additional storage space and making the entire room look more polished.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Wetroomstop

There are many creative ways to hide plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. Boxing in toilet pipes or building a fake wall are great permanent solutions if you want a more polished look. With the right combination of these ideas, you can create an attractive and organised space in your bathroom. Here at Wetroomstop, we offer a wide variety of products to help you upgrade your bathroom and provide the perfect solution for all your plumbing needs. Get in touch with our experts today and let us help create an attractive, efficient and practical space in your bathroom.

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