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Framed Versus Frameless Shower Enclosures: Which is Better?

submitted on 27 July 2020
Shower enclosures are an excellent addition to the bathroom. They increase the bathroom's appeal. They also protect against splashing water and prevent the floor outside the shower area from getting wet. These days, there are tons of options available. From size to design, you can find one that suits your needs. Of these choices, you’re free to decide between a framed and frameless shower enclosure. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Framed enclosures
The metal frame helps make the enclosure more flexible. It can also adapt to the shower tray size. Cutting glass panels is also challenging, and it helps to have frames on the edges. With the high likelihood of errors, the frames can cover them up. If you choose frames enclosures, you have plenty of choices from colour to style. Bronze and brass finishes are popular along with black shower frames.

On the other hand, you might want to change your mind about using framed enclosures because they’re quite bulky. If you want the bathroom to look light and easy on the eyes, you might not enjoy the frames. They're also trendy for now but could start looking old-fashioned in the long run. The frames are also harder to clean, and you might hate it if you don't have plenty of time.

Frameless enclosures
If you choose the frameless enclosures, they create an airy feel. The glass panels look like they're not present when you step inside the bathroom. Frameless designs are also timeless and will look fantastic over time. Cutting the panels is possible, and it's perfect if you have a low ceiling. You can customise the panels based on your needs. If you're thinking of a theme for the bathroom, the frameless enclosures will look perfect for anything.

The only downside is that installing this enclosure requires caution. Only experts can do the job well. The dimensions have to be exact. Otherwise, it could pose issues. The appearance would also be terrible. The likelihood of error is higher, and you need someone who can do an excellent job.

Since frameless enclosures require thick glass panels, you might have to spend more. Walk-in enclosures might be cheaper; this design is generally expensive. Considering the quality and aesthetic appeal, you won't regret the decision. The enclosures will modernise your bathroom and make it even more comfortable.

Make the right choice
After deciding if you will have framed or frameless enclosures, you still have other decisions to make. Take your time to compare the options and determine where you will buy one. Consult with an expert who can point you in the right direction. Apart from finding the right enclosure, you should also determine if the store offers installation services. The fees might be too high, but you can save money if the same store can install the panels. Be careful in using the enclosures and keep them clean. You invest a lot to have them, so you need to maintain their quality and appearance.
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